Photography Tips

Although night-time wedding photos can be very beautiful, in general you need natural light for the majority of your photos after the ceremony.  In order to plan what happens when on your wedding day, you should take into account when the sun sets and the amount of time your photographer needs before and after the ceremony etc. 

Refer to the handy tools below to assist with this.   Use the sunset time of your wedding date together with the time requirements you and I have agreed upon to plan your wedding day.
Getting Lucky With Directional Lighting

Quick thinking and a constant awareness of light‚ÄĒhelped along by anticipation, some serendipity and a little luck‚ÄĒcan result in direct, dramatic illumination that helps capture the full beauty and drama of the wedding day‚Äôs once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Wedding Tips

It’s a big day for the groom too. Here’s some wedding tips for the groom to help you out…
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